Das tschejefem Trio

tschejefem trio photo by marco riebler

When the three young, creative and ambitious musicians of tschejefem realize their musical visions, ideas and dreams on stage, they are not only breathing life into their arrangements, it is pure life energy. With their lightness and sparkling joy they fascinate their audience and take it on a lively, multi-faceted and sometimes surprising sound journey that leads through different genres and nations.

The three very individual musicians are not only heartwarming companions of this journey, but in their changing ensembles of vocals, zither, clarinet, double bass and Styrian harmonica they are rather captivating storytellers.

Carried by musical perfection, charm and elation, they tell of dreams, of love and sorrow of love, of distant places and times, and this full of feeling, wit and irony.

The listener may sit back, listen and marvel, laugh and dream and let the musical narratives, which all bear the very personal handwriting of tschejefem, enter the ears and hearts.

In different ensembles of vocals, clarinet, zither, bass clarinet and diatonic harmonica we go with our listeners on a sound journey, which leads us through different genres and nations.

Starting from the alpine folk music we looked for other genres, which are fun for us and soon we came up to hits from the 1950s, 1960s, Wienerlieder and Jazz standards.

Wonderful tunes that are known both young and old, we have since then for the best and even have great fun instrumenting pieces such as "the little pub", for example, with the Raffele.
Johanna Dumfart uses her soft voice for the songs, Fabian Steindl enchants on his zither and Michael Dumfart alternates between his "singing" clarinet, the bass clarinet and the voice.

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