Since its initiation 35 years ago, Academia Vocalis has grown to be one of the most important cultural and educational institutions of the Tyrolian summer and provider of vital impulses for the entire region of Lower Tyrol. From official sides the club has been acknowledged as one of the most influential Tyrolian cultural initiatives east of Innsbruck. This is no reason for Academia to bask in praise - instead, it is seen as a cultural obligation for the future. Yet, the club is not out to expand uncontrolled just to incite more attention. Instead, the directive is to concentrate and bundle knowledge and means to meet the highest standards of quality. To this end, Academia channels its initial drive to preserve proven qualities, such as seminars and masterclasses which have shown in the past while at the same time setting new standards which reach beyond regional confines.

Meanwhile, new musical worlds have come into being close by. Almost over a decade ago, the Tyrolian Festspiele were founded in Erl. This has opened up unheard of new possibilities for the Academia Vocalis. As a result of intensive preparation, the officials of Academia were able to build up an artistic collaboration with the Tyrolian Festspiele. This cooperation manifested itself in the seminar and concert programs from 2002 to 2019. This collaboration culminated three years ago in the implementation of the new children's opera "Max & Moritz", which is not only listed in Wörgl but also in Tyrol's Festspielhaus in Erl.

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